And So The Name Was Born

It’s a family affair, a sort of community project. A bringing together of loved ones, with various creative strengths and beautiful ideas.
I don’t want this journey to be exclusively for me, I want it to be INCLUSIVE. To be for everyone.
I want to hear opinions, I want it to evolve to the needs of people, and the needs of the earth.
The more people I can involve, the better.

So I sat with my family, thrashing around ideas for the name of the brand. I described the vision I had. We came up with a list of ideas of names we liked. We crossed through lots. We laughed a lot. We were happy in this creative space.

We explored foreign words with deep and soulful meanings, but without my attachment to the origin, the names felt wrong.

I was born in South Africa, to an Afrikaans Father, and spent my younger years blissfully growing up there. It feels like my other home whenever I return. We agreed it made sense to try to find a word that linked to my heritage, particularly as I am passionate for the ingredients to come from parts of the world that will really benefit from projects that support them. South Africa will naturally be high on my list to build community relationships & source from.

My brother suggested Lief, the Afrikaans word for Love. Which sparked the idea BeLief.
He sketched the BeLief logo, and it instantly felt right.

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