She is called Lief

I asked one of my very best friends, Emma, if she would do me the honour of creating a piece of art for Belief Botanicals.

We spoke about my mission as a natural & organic brand, determined to strive for sustainability but also to go further and to actually make a positive impact on the planet.
I sent her a few of my ideas – then gave her creative license.

Emma caught the vision straight away. We discussed colours.
💚 Green for the Green Beauty industry using ingredients birthed out of Mother Nature, that are kindly harvested and used.
💙 Blue for protecting the oceans with the right packaging, with ingredients that do not harm the seas, and hopefully formulating with life-giving seaweeds.
💛 With a hint of yellow for the positive impact I hope to make, some sunshine, and a little of my yellow colour personality type!

Isn’t Lief gorgeous?
To me she looks calm, at peace, life giving. Which for me feels just perfect! 🍃

Artist: @Emmsabstract on Instagram

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