I feel it’s true to say on some level most of us experience some kind of guilt when we purchase a beauty product.

There are other things I should be spending my money on…

How am I damaging the planet by buying yet another product?

Is wanting to be beautiful even important in this world?

I want this to end. 

I want to strip us of this inner guilt and move people more towards feeling good about their desire to love beauty, to choose it, to enjoy it, to experience it, to change from it.

We all deserve to feel beautiful, because we are.

We should want to experience beauty in all things.. Textures, smells, colours, feeling. We should take the time to appreciate it all.

Maybe your purchase could actually even be a force for good? Not just to you feeling good externally, but for it to positively impact the planet with its ingredients.

The environmental benefit of seeding and growing these plants, seaweeds, or flowers. How they help the bees, seas and the trees. Things that the earth needs.

Or how it helps people around the world, via community projects – empowering and providing.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

I believe we can.