Meet the Founder & Formulator

Here’s me, with my gorgeous two boys.

I was born in South Africa and lived there until I was 10 years old.  Our family then moved to the beautiful South Coast of England, and I am still there now. I will always have a very strong bond with South Africa, my father lives there, and much of my extended family. We visit as often as life allows. It will forever be my other home. I am hopeful to one day make a difference there.

So how did I come to be on this formulating adventure? Well here goes my tale, in brief…

As many little girls probably do, I dreamed of one day living the hippy life, of making witchy-woo potions from petals and plants. I vividly remember,  when I was 8 years old, excitedly making floral perfumes to sell on the roadside in Cape Town. Loving the smells and the fact I was using the earths abundance to create.

My love affair with skincare & the earth continued as a pre-teen living in the UK, I would trawl beauty magazines to find home remedies for using plants & food to create masks and other fresh pampering treats. I would set aside whole days with beauty schedules for spa days at home. I simply loved the ritual of looking after my skin, feeding it with natural goodness, and watching it respond.

After my boys were born, I dreamed of taking steps to move into this industry, and researched courses to learn about flower remedies, foraging & wild medicines. I felt a strong pull in this direction. Always knowing I wanted to inspire others to protect our earth, and to make a difference.

My first real opportunity to take the plunge into formal education in this industry was early 2021, when I enrolled with the world renowned formulation school, Formula Botanica, to do a diploma in organic skincare formulation.

Prior to this, I had been working in the health and beauty space, mainly social media marketing and helping people achieve results that they were seeking, in a natural way. I love seeing people gain confidence by making healthier changes. Marketing for another brand was a great learning curve, and I really enjoyed myself, but something never felt quite right. I struggled with frustrations that were out of my control,  mostly around packaging, it wasn’t always the eco conscious choices I would have selected for my own products. I came to the realisation that the only way to truly represent a product that I love, was to formulate it and produce it myself. This excited me greatly. Being part of the whole process. Concept and creation to complete customer satisfaction.

And so this little seed began to grow…